rest-less wanderer looking for things that no longer exist

looking for any sight that might seem familiar

here is your admonition:

realize that nothing will be as it was


begin all over

start as a child

assume the role of the novice

like the fawn who has not earned his legs yet

the pieces of words you hear are mere fragments of meaning

you do not speak the native tounge here

you can't anticipate the weather

your garments are a tattery scatter of unrelated pieces

every day you must forage for food

in the dark you curl into a ball and hold your knees to your chest as the rest of the world goes on and on and on and on and on...

you rely on the kindness of strangers


once you were beloved

once there was another that looked for your face in a vast throng of humanity

once your voice, your word was important

once you offered warmth and comfort and home to a fiesty traveler

that was then... your “once” is fading fast like a dying fire suppressed by the coldest of forest nights

and now it is strangely silent and dark

the only sound is your breathing

and you start to restlessly wander into the jet black of mystery

-- kg

Kim Gosney