The large wall of south facing glass
Afforded us precious nights
When the arc of the moon's course was “just so”
Those surprising nights
Celestial rays bathed us when we slept
It was the magic that we knew
The serendiptity that was ours
For holding
And lovemaking
And safekeeping of the sacred responsibility of one another

So when the bed
With its mechanisms, strange odor and industrial rails arrived
It was positioned for moonlight
Your last night on earth
As brother Galen drank Red Bull
And lovingly dropped morphine drop by drop by drop
You were lit from above
There was an absence of color
Just the relief of your features
What seemed altered in the harsh glare of day
Was restored in the moonlight
You slept in moonlight
My beloved
And as the sun broke
You broke free
Of all that bound you and hurt and limited you
And you finally flew away
As did the moon.

-- kg

Kim Gosney