part 1

you were weightier than my expectation.


perhaps you were trying to press me

that I not muddy the occasion of receiving you

in a haze of my own dark hiding.

you weighed me down

and smelled faintly of fear.

I could not imagine you a person at such a scale.

I could hold you like an infant - you were that small now.

but oh, your cremation taught me that your soul- 

it was much larger than the cosmos.

I saw you flying and you left a vapour trail in your wake.

part 2

I knew you wanted to be set free

but the rumbling of a distant family war cry delayed me.

only I knew and held your final wishes in my heart.

like a woman fighting off tigers...

they came for you.

to dishonor you.

the irony was I fought for you

only to ultimately release you.

even I did not have right to possess you.

you slipped through my fingers

and vanished for evermore.


Kim Gosney